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Roctech CNC Router RC 2030

Roctech CNC Router RC 2030

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Roctech CNC Router RC 2030,Model:RC2030,Standard:,

Strong modle CNC Router RC2030 is the Ecnomic machine fit for hard wood working, Big size and mass producing, like cutting and engraving on Rosewood for funiture, indoor decoration. And with the Vacuum holding way and dust collector, the mchine is qualified for mass-producing of funituers.

25mm square rails of HIWIN, or ABBA(SKF),  2510 TBI ballscrew for Z axis, strong and thick belt for tranmission. High precision


NO. Discription                            Parameter 
1 X,Y,Z Working Area                  2000x3000x200mm
2 Table Size                               2030×3440mm
3 X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning  Accuracy ±0.02/300mm
4 X,Y,Z Repositioning Positioning Accuracy ±0.02mm
5 Table Surface                          T-slot combined table ) 
6 Frame                                   Welded strucutre 
7 X, Y Structure                        Rack and Pinion Drive, Square Rail Linear Bearings
8 Z Structure                           TBI  Ball Screw, Square Rail Linear Bearings
9 Max.Power Consumption     (Without spindle)  3.0Kw
10 Max.Rapid Travel Rate         33000mm/min
11 Max.Working Speed             25000mm/min
12 Spindle Power Motor            3.0kw water cooling spindle

13 Spindle Speed                    0-24000RPM
14 Drive Motors                     Stepper system 
15 Working Voltage                AC380V/50/60Hz,3PH (Option: 220V)) 
16 Command Language           G Code
17 Operating System              NcStudio
18 Interface                         USB 
19 Collet                              ER25
20 X,Y Resolution               <0.02mm
21 Software Compatability   Type3 software,(Option: any Cam software)
22 Running Environment      Temperature: 0℃~45℃
                                          Relative humidity:         30%~75%
23 Packing Size                 3700X2250X1970mm 
24 Net Weight                    1560KG
25 Gross Weight                1750KG 

CE certificate

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